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If a company’s facility is being supplied voltage at a higher level than is necessary, it will likely suffer from a
mass of wasted energy, power quality issues and increased wear on electrical equipment, in addition to excessive levels of carbon emissions and high electricity bills.

To address this, businesses can install voltage optimisation technologies to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to ensure the voltage supplied is at the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment.

Powerstar is a market leading voltage optimisation manufacturer that provides clients with a concept to completion service to ensure that voltage optimisation projects are completed to meet the unique requirements of each client, resulting in maximum consumption efficiency and financial savings.
Recently a Powerstar voltage optimisation project at RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd resulted in their manufacturing site based in Northumberland benefiting from average annual consumption savings of 9%, following the installation of two Powerstar LITE systems.

Prior to installing the Powerstar voltage optimisation systems, RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd had already undertaken good sustainability practices which included implementing various other energy management technologies to reduce consumption levels. Powerstar was recommended as a viable technology with the ability to achieve further efficiency savings.

The Powerstar team undertook a free of charge, non-committal site evaluation and load analysis of two incoming electrical supplies at the Cramlington site. The average voltage was recorded at 238V, with maximum voltage levels reaching 243V, far higher than the optimum 220V required by most electrical equipment in the UK.

Following the site evaluation, Powerstar were able to determine that although the incoming voltage was high, the profile was relatively stable with no severe fluctuations, making Powerstar LITE the ideal recommendation for both supplies in the facility.

Powerstar LITE is a fixed voltage optimisation system which reduces the incoming voltage by a set amount via a pre-defined tap range and matches the incoming profile, albeit by the set amount. At the Cramlington site, supply 1 was reduced by 15V, and supply 2 by 12.5V.

On commission of the system, Powerstar worked alongside RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd to ensure that the installation was completed within their parameters and that the project was successfully delivered with minimal disruption to the sites manufacturing and business operations.

The first installation was completed on supply 1 in early 2016, and achieved annual consumption savings in excess of 11%, with the second installation on supply 2, installed several months later with guaranteed savings of more than 6%.

The voltage optimisation project, which is underpinned by Powerstar’s 100% guaranteed savings and a 15-year warranty is not only providing energy reduction benefits for RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd but has also reduced carbon emissions by close to 400 tonnes per annum, which marks a sizeable contribution to the businesses aim to achieve European Commission eco targets by 2020.

The Powerstar project has also afforded significant financial savings with the total project delivering full return on investment in just 2 years and 2 months.


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