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Powerstar Italia is pleased to announce the first Proof of Concept (PoC) trial for a supermarket in Italy is now underway.
The retailer was looking to implement energy efficiency technologies to help reduce their carbon footprint, and as the site had a stable voltage profile the fixed voltage optimisation system, Powerstar LITE was identified as a viable solution.

The Powerstar LITE system was installed in January 2017, and early verification analysis indicates potential savings reaching above the sites guaranteed savings of 6%.

In addition to the 100% savings guarantee, the Proof of Concept trial is being offered by Powerstar Italia as a deferred payment following savings verification. This means that the Powerstar unit is delivered and installed to the client free of charge until the final PoC guaranteed savings have been proven following the receipt of the saving analysis report, which is expected 7 days after the 28 day trial period.

Full analysis and details of the project will follow in the coming weeks. A full case study will be released on the Powerstar website (


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