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Demand for faster Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is ever-growing, yet barriers remain that limit the wider role out of these technologies; namely range anxiety, charging time and price. To address these issues, manufacturers have to increase the capacity of electric vehicles, increase charging speeds and reduce the cost of manufacturing, a combination which could take years to perfect.

The present-day solution is to introduce local rapid charging with storage through solutions such as VIRTUE EV.

VIRTUE EV is a combined DC rapid/AC fast electric vehicle charger and energy storage system with an integrated 6kW solar panel canopy, which utilises battery technology to limit the amount of energy required from the network at any given time. It is able to greatly reduce demand spikes and supply the highest possible charging rate by using stored energy to deal with the sudden ramp up of power. Not only does this method help the wider grid infrastructure, but it also helps reduce the cost of the electrical network.

To put this into an everyday context, the below ‘present day example’ has been provided:

If a commercial company has an electric fleet consisting of 20 vehicles, and these are kept to tight 24 hour shift arrangements, it is vital that the vehicles are charged quickly in order to meet the schedule.

If all 20 vehicles in the fleet are using 50kW rapid charges to quickly charge the vehicles, it is likely that a scenario will arise where 10 cars are charging simultaneously. The load of this charge totals 500kW, which is a huge demand for the majority of commercial companies to deal with, and potentially large enough that the supply infrastructure would need upgrading to tolerate the extra load. The process of increasing a company’s supply through infrastructure upgrades can be costly – often totalling in excess of £50,000.

If the local supply network is saturated (which is often the case) the supply upgrade could have a knock on effect upstream, which could result in a need for the local substation to the upgraded, which would cost a considerable fee, often exceeding £100,000.

By installing an integrated energy storage and EV charging solution, such as VIRTUE EV, which utilises local storage, the need to upgrade does not exist as the storage can charge during non-utilised times, as well as being charged from local renewable generation, therefore providing the power requirement to the EV chargers without demanding extra load from the grid.

What companies and the users of the electric vehicle chargers are ultimately seeking, is availability of rapid EV charging within their current schedule, lifestyle and business patterns, and VIRTUE EV allows this.

As a customisable solution, the charging points are also enhanceable and multi-faceted with integrated solar panels, wi-fi connection, credit card payment systems and online booking features available for inclusion in customised systems.

Powerstar’s VIRTUE energy storage systems can go far beyond the car park with their potential and can be described as Virtual Power Stations (VPS), allowing ultimate flexibility to business users and electricity grid operators, offering cost savings, additional revenue opportunities and UPS capability.


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