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Bruno Rodríguez Figueira, C.E.O. of Reduce Soluciones de Ahorro Energético, S.L. recently became the newest distributor to join Powerstar’s global network. Based in A Estrada, Northwest Spain, Bruno is an approved regional distributor for Spain and Portugal.

Adding to the recent success and growth that Powerstar has experienced in Europe, Reduce Soluciones has just completed its first installation of a 400KVA/560A Powerstar MAX system into a cheese manufacturing company.

The install is set to deliver a 16V overvoltage reduction, resulting in a guaranteed saving of 8%, and due to the nature of the project, this is not only 100% guaranteed but also installed at no risk to the client as it has been offered as a ‘Proof of Concept’ (POC) trial.

Proof of Concept trials are popular across regions of the globe where scepticism over voltage optimisation remains, such as in Europe. POC trials demonstrate the successful strategy and benefits that implementing voltage optimisation solutions can provide to early adopters and leaders in energy efficiency. This is at no risk to the client due to a 100% savings guarantee and a deferred payment agreement that stipulates a client only pays following an independent Measurement & Savings Verification (M&V) that backs up or exceeds the guaranteed savings.

Martin Stevens, International Sales Director for Powerstar commented “Once the M&V has taken place, a case study and testimonial will assist in convincing others to consider the potential savings from the installation of Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions. We intend to have this available on our website in the following weeks.”


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