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In 2014, Powerstar’s CO2 emissions were recorded at 486.2 tonnes. As a company with sustainability at its heart, we set ourselves a Carbon Footprint (CF) target of 387 tonnes of CO2e by 2016 – a reduction of nearly 100 tonnes in just 24 months.

A recent evaluation shows that in 2016 we achieved 299 tonnes, a staggering 38% reduction that surpassed our target by 88 tonnes.

This has been possible due to our proactive approach to reducing emissions where possible, including:
  • The introduction of 11kW PV panels on our Sheffield based head office roof
  • Replacement of 4 diesel vehicles with electric vehicles (EV), which are zero emission
  • The commission and utilisation of our own VIRTUE energy storage system which brings our manufacturing facility off the grid daily between 16:30 and 19:00
  • Optimisation of our voltage supply, utilising our Powerstar Max energy saving technology

These factors in addition to cultivating sustainable good practices through our employees to question the way in which we commute and operate to ensure economical efficiencies are promoted has led to this achievement.

The chart and table below show our performance since 2014.




As illustrated above, our average CO2e per person is now 4.28 which is 68% below the UK manufacturing average level.

Manufacturing our unique Powerstar energy saving technology using 38% less greenhouse emissions is an excellent result and we are on target to become carbon free.


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