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Powerstar South Africa has recently installed a unit within the supermarket industry. A 575kVA/800A Powerstar LITE has been installed, without incident, at the Sutherland Ridge franchised Spar supermarket in Mthatha, South Africa.

The installation is their first Proof of Concept (POC) trial, which offers a risk free solution to the client. This is due to a deferred payment which only happens following independent Measurement & Savings Verification (M&V), once the guaranteed savings are verified. The M&V report is expected to take place after the 28 day trial period, which started the day of installation, and only then will the client pay for the Powerstar LITE unit.

Following a full site and voltage profile analysis, it was detected the site was suffering from an overvoltage supply of 20V. The Powerstar LITE unit is now reducing this through fixed voltage optimisation and the Sutherland Ridge Spar supermarket will receive a guaranteed annual energy saving of 10%.

Once the install is proven to be successful, the technology will be rolled out to a further 10 franchised stores that have already been identified to benefit from the energy saving solutions from Powerstar.

Martin Stevens, International Sales Director for Powerstar, said “This is the first in a number of recent South African supermarket installations, where annual energy savings are proving to be typically in excess of 7%, and we look forward to presenting the savings report for Sutherland Ridge Spar supermarket in early May.”

“Proof of Concept installations, and their associated M&V reports, have so far been extremely successful in convincing clients, and potential clients, of the savings and benefits achievable with the installations of Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions.”


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