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We recently commissioned and completed two Powerstar voltage optimisation systems with the largest footprint of any of our units built to date, which are to be installed at a Healthcare company in Costa Rica, Central America.

The project, initiated by Powerstar USA comprised of building two 2,500kVA Powerstar HV MAX systems, each weighing an enormous 17.5 tonnes which were crated up and sent to the docks at the end of May, ready to be shipped to Costa Rica. The units, which contain super low loss amorphous core transformers, will replace the site’s current inefficient transformers and reduce losses currently present within the HV infrastructure.

Both systems are integrated with patented Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation technology which will deliver a stable, cleansed, conditioned and optimised voltage on the LV side, to further increase efficiencies, reduce the company’s annual energy consumption and contribute to their CO2 emission reductions. This will provide the client with a ‘two in one’ solution to meet their energy efficiency without requiring any additional equipment to be installed.

Due to the sheer size of the units, during their conception, they were referred to internally as the ‘Big Green Monsters’ which is clearly observable through the gallery below.

As a company, we love taking on new projects that push us to deliver entirely tailored solutions like this and it marks a proud moment in our history.

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