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Powerstar, in a project co-funded with the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme under the SME instrument (Phase II), aims to pilot test an integrated energy management solution by integrating the established Powerstar voltage optimisation technology with its energy storage solution VIRTUE to create a ‘Powerstar Virtual Power Station (PVPS)’.

Recently, an exciting development in the lifecycle of the project took place as the system was installed on site in London. As this is a hugely significant project for the company and the retailer involved, Powerstar has produced a time-lapse video showing not only the installation of the VIRTUE energy storage solution, but footage of the system being constructed by the Powerstar team. The full video can be viewed below.

Why was the PVPS commissioned?

The chosen client was experiencing regular supply issues, including blackouts and brownouts which resulted in an excessive amount of operational downtime and stock waste due to the interruption to numerous automated processes.

The financial and physical resource required to get the site back up and running after such an occurrence was significant and eventually, this resulted in the client sourcing a solution. It was pivotal to find a comprehensive solution which could not only secure the supply by offering a reliable and responsive UPS, but could also utilise the sites renewable generation and increase electricity efficiencies to provide cost and carbon savings through the use of an integrated Powerstar voltage optimisation system. Additionally, utilising energy management would allow the client to perform DSR services to generate revenue for the clients and support the grid.

As an environmentally responsible business, the client was determined to find a solution that could cater to all their needs with one combined, innovative solution. Powerstar was identified as a supplier who could deliver the bespoke, expertly engineered solution and, due to a positive professional working relationship in recent years, was selected to deliver the project.

The H2020 project was a great opportunity for Powerstar to pilot its combined solution and for the client to trial the technology, mitigating the risk for all parties.This also allowed for much needed attention to be brought to both the issues being faced by businesses and the development of innovative solutions to assist in overcoming the challenges.

You can view the short video showcasing the Powerstar VIRTUE technology below:


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