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Following the one-year anniversary of the two electrical engineering apprentices, Ross Connerton and Jamie Atkinson, joining the company, Powerstar is excited to share interviews with the pair of apprentices. It is an opportunity to learn about the apprenticeship experience first-hand as they celebrate and reflect upon their first year at Powerstar.

Ross, 17, and Jamie, 19, took time out from their busy schedules to share their experiences on how they have found the apprenticeship so far. Both were candid and personable as they talked about their experience to date, what they have enjoyed the most, their biggest challenges and their ambitions for the future.

To read Ross and Jamie’s interviews please click below:

Ross Connerton interview

Jamie Atkinson interview

In addition to the interviews, Powerstar celebrated the one-year anniversary of Ross and Jamie by reflecting on the mutual benefits that can arise from apprenticeship schemes and how the apprenticeship model is consistent with Powerstar’s views and values as a company.

As well as the practical benefits that apprentices bring, such as safeguarding the future of the workforce, the scheme offers Powerstar many intangible benefits that are realised through the development and nurturing of talent. These rewards, such as pride in the development of young, talented professionals and their potential are a major contributing part of Powerstar’s success and allow the company to attract the talent needed to focus on one of its core values, which is the investment in people.

Engineering the future


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