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Powerstar was proud to be in attendance as the Smart Power Industries Alliance (SPIA) was officially launched in Westminster on Monday, 23rd October 2017.

The alliance, chaired by the former energy minister Charles Hendry, aims to bring together the UK’s leading energy associations to collaborate with the system operator National Grid to further the cause of a more decentralised energy network in the UK.

It brought together manufacturers, politicians, associations and operators as the alliance seeks to use the experience of all energy stakeholders to implement the changes necessary to transition the UK into a low carbon economy.

To deliver its aim of demonstrating a positive consensus for smart power across the electricity industry, SPIA has a list of five key asks for the government and Ofgem which are:

Putting consumers at the heart of energy policy by enabling households to play an active role in the energy system;
  • To facilitate the creation of new markets for smart services, ensuring that all participants can compete on equal terms;
  • Taking a whole-system approach to power by creating incentives for heat, transport and power sectors to collaborate more effectively;
  • Accelerating the smart power transition by providing consistent policy and regulatory direction, and;
  • To make smart power a central cog within the industrial strategy, providing incentives for key sectors to invest in smart technologies.


A decentralised energy network refers to the process of utilising microgrids to generate local energy that maximises on renewables and energy efficiency. This is why this alliance has such potential, a cross-party alliance that counts as members illustrious industry organisations such as The Electricity Storage Network and National Grid in addition to the current minister for energy, Richard Harrington, can collectively work to best implement and foster the innovation of the smart and agile systems that could turn the UK into a world leader in smart energy networks.

Energy storage is one of the inherent requirements necessary for a decentralised network. This is because energy storage systems allow the user to take energy from the grid at times of low demand for release at times when demand is high, therefore reducing the strain on the grid. It is also the case in an energy storage system such as Powerstar’s VIRTUE that energy can be taken from renewable sources and there is also the opportunity to take advantage of Demand Side Response (DSR) to develop revenue by providing the grid with stored energy at times of high demand. Therefore, through the use of a system like Powerstar VIRTUE it is possible to generate, distribute and deliver energy locally which is a core element of decentralisation and is likely to become increasingly important in the coming years as the UK accelerates its process of decarbonisation.

To help businesses learn more about decentralised energy networks and the smart and agile technologies that will form them, Powerstar is hosting a seminar at its head office in Sheffield on the 5th December 2017. This seminar will explore the capabilities of decentralised energy and how a decentralised energy network can overcome the limitations of the current network. To book your place click here.


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