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We recently showcased our latest case study for the diverse leisure facility, Billingham Forum, which was one in a series of successful installations for our client Tees Active Ltd. We are now delighted to bring you another case study from this series of installations, this time covering the Tees Active operated site, Splash Stockton.

A charitable social enterprise established in 2004 actively seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and generate cost savings across its portfolio, Tees Active Ltd operates and maintains a range of leisure facilities spanning across Teesside.

Working closely with Tees Active Ltd, we identified which sites in their portfolio would provide maximum savings with the shortest payback period to allow the company to operate sustainably whilst generating savings which could be reinvested into key areas, such as member experience.

Tees Active Ltd Splash StocktonSplash Stockton is a modern leisure facility in central Stockton which first opened in 2001 after being transformed from the old Stockton Swimming Pool. In 2008-2009 Splash Stockton underwent a large refurbishment causing the centre to double in size in order to cope with the increased demand from the surrounding community.

Splash Stockton opens its doors to the public 7 days a week, and operates a range of different equipment and activities, including a swimming pool with waves and jets, a two storey Activ8 gym, a large sports hall, and food and drink facilities.

Due to the diverse range of activities offered by Splash Stockton and its extended operating hours, our team identified the site as a potential candidate for voltage optimisation technology. A series of site surveys and a thorough examination of the facilities site profile confirmed that Splash Stockton suffered from a significant amount of overvoltage preventing the majority of the on-site technology from operating at its optimum efficiency.

Considering the investment made to refurbish the facility, it was of paramount importance that the energy saving solution we provided was cost-effective, as well as seamlessly implemented to avoid disruption being caused to the daily operations of the facility or the enjoyment of its customers. The Powerstar team found the incoming voltage to be stable but higher than required for the requirements of the on-site equipment, meaning that fixed voltage optimisation was the perfect solution to reduce Splash Stockton’s energy consumption and electricity costs.

To help Splash Stockton achieve its energy goals, we recommended the installation of a 250kVA Powerstar LITE system with a fixed 20V reduction on the supply. The project was delivered as a concept to completion, fully supported turnkey solution which is now delivering significant savings to the site’s energy consumption and electricity costs.

Commenting on the solution we provided for Tees Active Ltd’s facilities, Dennis Smith, Project Manager for Tees Active Ltd, said: “We found working with Powerstar to be very easy as they did everything they could to accommodate our requirements not only in which unit was best suited to deliver the greatest efficiency, but also in ensuring minimum disruption.

“Work was carried out overnight which meant there was no disruption to our operational hours and our customers. This is one of the simplest ways to achieve instant cost-effective energy savings and would highly recommend Powerstar.”


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