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In addition to honouring our heritage as a UK manufacturing company based in the renowned industrial city of Sheffield, we also take great pride in the fact that we are a global company with operations across the world enabling our voltage optimisation solutions to be sold internationally.

One area where we have had a large presence for a number of years is Asia Pacific (AP). Our operations in this part of the world are managed by our master distributor EMSCAP (EMSc Asia Pacific). EMSCAP is supported by a network of partners based across many countries in the Asia Pacific region and together they deliver our UK manufactured voltage optimisation solutions to the Asia Pacific market which has a diverse array of voltage requirements and therefore benefits from the bespoke solutions we provide. Our solutions are delivered by local experts who understand the requirements of our customers on the other side of the world and are a vital part of our global presence.

In accordance with Powerstar’s ethos, EMSCAP provide a concept to completion service tailored to the energy needs of the client, with thorough site surveys and inspections of site’s voltage profile occurring before a solution is recommended. In addition to this, the Powerstar 100% savings guarantee applies to every Powerstar voltage optimisation solution worldwide.

One way in which the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation solutions are promoted across the AP territory is through a heavy community presence which includes presenting the benefits of Powerstar at Powerstar voltage optimisation at PIPOC 2017multiple trade shows and events across the region. The picture to the right shows our Malaysian based international partner Arena Electrical Services at one such event which took place in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month (November 2017).

The Powerstar brand represents an environmentally friendly company and an international network which produces products that help companies become more environmentally responsible by reducing the amount of wasted energy and carbon emissions in a world that is recognising its increasing obligation to sustainability.

As nations around the world respond to the threat of climate change and the ever-growing commitments set by governments to make an impact on our worldwide energy usage and carbon footprint, Powerstar is proud of the fact that it has the opportunity and ability to distribute its solutions around the world.

It is important to us that all our partners, whether in the UK or abroad, embody and represent the core values and ethos of Powerstar.


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