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Back in October 2017, we published a case study on a project at Billingham Forum, a large and diverse leisure complex in Teesside, which utilises a wide range of electrical equipment 7 days a week. The activities it offers range from a 547 seat theatre, several cafe’s and bars, a fully equipped ice arena, specialist and family pools, and an Activ8 gym.

We installed a 750kVA Powerstar LITE at the facility with a fixed voltage reduction of 15V to assist Tees Active Ltd. in reducing its electricity costs in order to reinvest the money to improving onsite equipment and enhancing the customer experience whilst reducing its carbon footprint in the process. Because of this, it was important that the project had a short payback period.

Billingham Forum was the first Tees Active Ltd. operated facility to undergo savings analysis after a series of successful installations throughout the company’s portfolio. Due to its success, we have now created a case study video showcasing the results of the Powerstar LITE installation in 2 minutes:

You can read the full Tees Active Ltd. Billingham Forum case study by clicking here, or browse our plethora of case studies spanning a multitude of sectors here.

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