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It VIRTUEwas revealed last month that Centrica received planning permission to install multiple energy storage units on the grounds of its head office in Windsor.

The project will see the implementation of two Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solutions, with a combined capacity of 1MW installed on-site.

Through utilising Powerstar VIRTUE to minimise Distribution Use of System costs (DUoS) by charging during low-tariff periods, the Millstream head offices of Centrica will see an increase in the use of cheaper electricity. The avoidance of high-tariff periods in addition to the solutions integrated voltage regulation technology will assist Centrica in reducing its carbon footprint.

Additionally, Powerstar VIRTUE’s demand response capabilities would allow Centrica to take advantage of the balancing services market by rapidly responding to events and providing reserves to the National Grid at times of fluctuating supply and demand so that the grid can maintain its operational frequency limits of between 49.5Hz and 50.5Hz.This will contribute towards decarbonisation as it increases flexibility which will enhance the ability for more renewable sources to be installed to the energy system.

Centrica will also benefit from the full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities of Powerstar VIRTUE. The UPS capabilities allow for seamless handover of supply to the UPS of the Powerstar VIRTUE system which can automatically connect to the load within milliseconds in the case of a supply issue being detected, negating unnecessary downtime and securing the supply.

The UPS capabilities would therefore provide an increase in Centrica’s energy resilience, which is vital considering the statistics surrounding energy resilience and energy related failures.

Statistics released from Centrica’s resilience report in October highlighted that 32% of organisations do not have any form of energy resilience strategy in place and that energy related failures can total as much as 17% of annual revenues. This emphasises the requirements for an organisation of Centrica’s size to minimise the risks of energy related failures and an energy storage solution which offers UPS such as Powerstar VIRTUE is an important component of a wider energy resilience strategy.


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