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Welcome to the first Powerstar roundup of 2018 news, keeping you up to date with the latest company and industry news.

1) Understanding capital equipment ‘as a service’

Robert MacklinCapital equipment is essential to the success of many businesses and integral to how they operate on a daily basis. However, for some businesses, the very nature of purchasing that essential capital equipment can present problems.

In an insightful article, Powerstar’s CFO, Robert Macklin, discusses the benefits of acquiring capital equipment ‘as a service’, which allows businesses to fund essential equipment without impacting their cash flow or cash reserves.

Read the full article here…

2) Powerstar serves up savings in Cyprus

Powerstar’s latest savings study shows an existing international customer, Foodsaver, is enjoying higher than predicted savings from its Powerstar LITE solutions at two of its sites. This prompted further projects with Powertsar Cyprus across its remaining six sites.

Following analysis of the voltage profile and loads at each of the remaining six sites, Powerstar recommended the installation of Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation systems to reduce the voltage by a fixed amount.

Following the new installations, the foodstuff retailer is anticipating average savings of 7% of their annual electricity consumption across all its stores.

Read more and access the full savings study here…

3) Industry insights: 2017 clean energy

Coal power plantOne of the pivotal clean energy moments of 2017 arrived early in spring when the UK experienced its first full 24 hours without coal generation since the world’s first centralised public coal-fired generator opened in 1882.

Other industry insights can be explored through Powerstar’s blog and include the continued importance of wind energy, experiencing the ‘greenest summer ever’, the role of energy storage in the low carbon economy and the Government’s clean energy proposals.

Read the full Industry Insights here…

4) Powerstar makes a splash!

Tees Active Ltd Splash StocktonThe latest case study released from the Tees Active Ltd. portfolio shows the savings achieved at Splash Stockton, a modern leisure facility that operates seven days a week, offering a wide range of equipment and activities, including a swimming pool, Activ8 gym, a large sports hall and food and drinks facilities.

The facility recently underwent a full refurbishment programme and Powerstar identified the site as an ideal candidate for voltage optimisation technology as it would provide minimal disruption to operations, alongside a short payback period.

Read more and access the full case study here…

5) Remaining resilient to beat power failures

In Powerstar’s latest press feature, Dr Alex Mardapittas discusses the impact of power failures in the public sector.

Rising energy prices, combined with increasingly stringent targets on carbon emissions, are encouraging the public sector to look at decentralised energy storage schemes.

At a national level, the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy pledges, from a total budget of £2.5bn, £265m to invest in smart systems to reduce the cost of electricity storage and to develop new ways to balance the grid. Included in this is the concept of a decentralised energy network, where energy is generated, stored, and utilised locally whilst making the most of both energy efficiency and renewables.

Read the full article here…

6) The Rushlight Show

Rushlight Show 2018Powerstar recently attended the UK Energy Breakfast & Seminar and awards ceremony at the Rushlight Show in London.

The presentations explored the current position and route forward for the UK energy market and it was interesting to hear the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Claire Perry’s comments on the future of smart systems.

Two Powerstar innovations, the VIRTUE energy storage system and VIRTUE EV charging systems were nominated at the awards ceremony. Congratulations to all who won an award.


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