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As a business that prides itself on innovation and providing fit-for-purpose solutions that stand out in the market, we are pleased to announce that our most recent application to both the European and USA patent offices has been successful.

Powerstar Technology PatentThe new intellectual property further demonstrates our engineering validity on an international scale in addition to ensuring that our intellectual properties are significantly enhanced, and is a credit to our innovative ethos and commitment to R&D.

Powerstar is well known for its patented range of voltage optimisation solutions and has held a global patent on its design and specification for many years, which ensures that no other voltage optimisation solution – although similar in principle and application – is able to replicate the exact design specification of a Powerstar system.

It is through this patented design we are able to generate ‘negative power feedback’, or ‘back EMF’, to provide additional energy consumption savings to customers, the effect of which has been confirmed through several independent reports, most recently by Energy Efficiency Consultancy Limited (EECO2). EECO2 tested a Powerstar unit under laboratory conditions to determine the ability for Powerstar technology to produce savings on new plant equipment due to its patented design, at the request of several pharmaceutical/life science clients.

The newly accepted intellectual property with the European and USA patent offices, under patent numbers EP15002651.6 and 14/850996 respectively, takes our offering one step further and demonstrates how we can integrate the patented Powerstar design as part of an integrated energy storage solution to deliver a complete, behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage solution. This solution, named Powerstar VIRTUE, can provide customers with process optimisation, voltage regulation, seamless stand-by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Demand Side Response (DSR) services.

As the market-leading energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE holds more than 75% of the BtM battery energy storage system (BESS) market in the UK, based on figures from 2017. This reinforces our ability to deliver a solution that is able to meet the changing needs of an evolving market and deliver value to our clients on a continual basis. In addition, Powerstar VIRTUE is helping to support the transition to a low-carbon economy by providing a complete solution that is able to contribute to supporting the grid.

Furthermore, we are currently pursuing further patents within the UK for a variety of other services and products developed as a part of our continued commitment to R&D.

Powerstar’s CEO, Dr. Alex Mardapittas commented in a recent press release:

This is an exciting development for Powerstar, especially on top of recent company growth, that really underlines our commitment to an engineering-led approach and our desire to continue to innovate and develop industry-leading solutions that produce tangible results for our clients.

We constantly strive to develop our service and product offerings to meet the changing needs of our customers through continual investment into our R&D team. Our appetite to deliver a differentiated product that is fit for purpose will keep innovation at the heart of our business. Our newly granted patent provides a unique behind the meter storage solution to our clients and differentiates us significantly from all other storage systems in the market.

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