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Market Leading Expertise

Powerstar’s employees possess extensive knowledge and the company takes great pride in this fact.

Furthermore, Powerstar attributes part of its success as a market leader for both voltage optimisation technology and behind-the-meter battery energy storage solutions, to the expertise that its employees hold, utilise and apply on a daily basis in order to help achieve the strategic goals of the company.

As a result of this ethos, Powerstar has recently celebrated the landmark achievement of 10% of its employees being PhD holders. This further emphasises the knowledge-led approach of the company and demonstrates that a focus on knowledge, expertise and development is a necessity and not a luxury in order to be a market leader.


Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Last week Powerstar continued its commitment towards education by welcoming prospective Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) students from The University of Sheffield to its premises.

A KTP is a three-way working relationship between a company, a recent graduate, and a university, which has Government backing from Innovate UK. The scheme encourages companies to innovate whilst also providing graduates with the opportunity to hone their skills through the application of their specialist knowledge in a commercial environment.

Powerstar supports the KTP scheme and currently has two KTP associates of its own, Dr Olivia Zeng and Dr Rui Zheng, and was delighted to showcase its facility and technology to a number of prospective students eager to continue their education whilst developing their commercial skills and providing value in the industry. Investing,encouraging and developing people to reach their potential is a treasured Powerstar value with investments in both people and innovation being intrinsic elements of the business model and a major reason for the continued success and innovation of the company.

The potential next generation of engineers explored Powerstar and discovered how storage and power electronics work in an industrial environment as they were led on an engaging and informative tour by Powerstar Chief Technical Officer, Solon Mardapittas.

Powerstar hopes that the prospective students thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt a lot and look forward to the bright futures that they have ahead of themselves.

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