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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you updated with its latest activities, news and events.


1) Knowledge is Powerstar

Powerstar recently opened its doors and welcomed prospective Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) students from The University of Sheffield to is manufacturing premises.

Powerstar champions professional development and supports the exchange of knowledge and best practice, both in the market and community. It understands the mutual benefits that can arise from KTP schemes as it currently has two KTP associates, Dr Olivia Zeng and Dr Rui Zheng, who are responsible for their own R&D projects within the company.

Read more about the visit here…





2) Energy storage: shaping the future energy landscape

As the UK transitions to a new energy landscape in order to intensify the process of decarbonisation, the growing energy storage market is expected to play a key role.

Powerstar has summarised how energy storage will be vital in this transition whilst also providing a robust business case, best displayed in its market-leading energy storage solution, VIRTUE.

Explore the role of energy storage here…





3) Powerstar USA to exhibit at Globalcon 2018

Powerstar USA will be exhibiting at Globalcon 2018 in Boston, MA on 21 and 22 March 2018.

Globalcon is aimed at expanding the knowledge of developments in the energy field and will help explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply options, and learn about project implementation strategies.

Powerstar USA’s president Sean O’Reilly will be showcasing Powerstar’s full range of award winning technology and will be on hand to share his knowledge of how businesses can reduce energy costs, consumption and CO2 emissions by implementing tailored solutions based on data and reinforced with a 100% savings guarantee and verification process.

Learn more about Powerstar USA at Globalcon here…


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