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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you updated with the latest activities, news and events.


1) The USA energy storage opportunity (part 1): West Coast

California energy storageWith the global battery energy storage market set to double six times between now and 2030, the United States has diverted from the precedent set by its federal Government withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Across the nation, states have started setting ambitious targets relating to energy storage. Last week Powerstar summarised the West Coast states of Arizona, California, and Oregon.

Explore the West Coast energy storage targets here…





2) Powerstar welcomes new exclusive approved partner in Ireland

Stuart Clegg with new Blackbourne partnersRecently, Blackbourne Limited completed the process of becoming Powerstar’s exclusive approved partner and installer for its range of solutions across Ireland.

Stuart Clegg, Chief Commercial Officer for Powerstar, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Blackbourne Ltd. as our exclusive partner across Ireland. The company’s deep understanding of the problems that businesses face, extensive knowledge of the market, and expert skillset makes them perfectly positioned to deliver engineering-led solutions to businesses to help them overcome their specific challenges, whilst confidently upholding Powerstar’s values.”

Read more about the partnership here…





3) Powerstar’s Spring Events Schedule

Q2 events 2018Powerstar recently released its schedule of free to attend energy events for the Spring months which offer delegates the opportunity to join the discussion and expand their understanding of the future of the electricity network in the UK and the challenges and opportunities this brings.

The events range from topics on operational stability and energy resilience to the efficiency of transformers.

The easily accessible nature of the webinars affords the convenience of partaking from anywhere with an internet connection, whilst the regional seminars provide an opportunity to network and engage with an industry expert face-to-face over breakfast refreshments.

Book your place at a Spring event here…


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