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Our latest international case study once again demonstrates Powerstar’s ability to deliver energy consumption savings to businesses from a wide range of industries across the world. The case study showcases the results of a Powerstar MAX solution provided for the largest heavy industry company in Cyprus, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Limited.

Vassiliko Cement WorksThe company has been operational across Cyprus since 1967, listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 1996, and currently operates four quarries to extract the raw materials used for their production of clinker and cement.

In 2011, Vassiliko Cement Works completed a €180 million upgrade of their plant to make operations more efficient as sustainability and environmental protection are core to the company’s ethos. This upgrade resulted in the company reducing electricity and water consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by an impressive 15%. However, the company was in search of ways to reduce energy consumption even further.

After conducting thorough research, Vassiliko Cement Works chose Powerstar due to our vast experience installing into similar, challenging environments. Due to the extensive operational processes taking place, it was imperative that the site evaluation, monitoring, and installation processes were carefully scheduled to result in minimum downtime for the site.

After a full site evaluation, we identified the substation supplying the Raw Mill Air Compressors as a priority for voltage optimisation technology. The incoming voltage here was found to be high and fairly unstable, with an average incoming voltage of 241.6V.

To stabilise and regulate the voltage supply, we recommended the installation of a 1438kVA Powerstar MAX solution, an electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation system that reduced, conditioned, and stabilised the supply by an average of 20.4V.

Analysis and savings verification following the installation showed that a higher than guaranteed electricity consumption saving of 9.7% was being achieved by Vassiliko Cement Works. This equated to an annual reduction of 449,611kWh and a staggering 458.15 tonnes of CO2 emissions, with a payback period of only 14 months.

Due to the success of the Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation solution, Vassiliko Cement Works has now ordered a second Powerstar MAX system for the substation supplying the pre-heater loads, which will produce guaranteed energy consumption savings of 7.2%.

Both the existing and the future Powerstar installation will help Vassiliko Cement Works achieve its goal of further energy efficiencies, reducing the company’s impact on the environment as part of its focus on sustainability.

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