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As a company with sustainability at heart, Powerstar recognises the importance of the global challenge of climate change and the carbon reduction effort continues to motivate the business in its day-to-day operations.Powerstar Carbon Footprint

It is for this reason that Powerstar is proud to announce a further reduction of 4.1% of carbon emissions year-on-year from its Sheffield based head office and manufacturing facility. This brings it to a total 41% reduction since 2014 and it currently stands at 287 tonnes per year.

The Powerstar approach to carbon footprint reduction

Powerstar is a market leader of energy efficiency solutions such as voltage optimisation and energy storage, and its sustainable values drive it to lead by example and cut its own carbon emissions due to the knowledge, expertise and technology that it counts amongst its resources.

In addition to introducing award-winning patented solutions to the marketplace which provide a number of benefits including prolonging the lifetime of the electrical equipment, allowing for renewable firming, and accelerating the process of the decentralisation of energy, Powerstar uses its technology to reduce its own carbon footprint through:

  • Powerstar MAX technology to benefit from dynamic voltage optimisation
  • The utilisation of our VIRTUE BESS to benefit from a full range of DSR services and energy resilience
  • Expanding fleet of our own EV commercial vehicles
  • 11kW solar array on the Powerstar building
  • 6kW solar array and EV charger with 50kW BESS
  • I/R LED lighting in the offices and factory

Below shows a chart representing Powerstar’s carbon footprint since 2014.



Particularly noteworthy is the reduction in fuel emissions from the 2016 total figure of 130.07 tonnes to a total of 121.66 in 2017 as a result of the company’s adoption of EVs.

Given that transport is now the UK’s biggest polluter, as this article shows, with the majority of emissions attributable to the use of petrol and diesel, this reduction is something which Powerstar is proud to achieve and further highlights the deep levels of commitment towards decarbonisation for Powerstar to oversee a decline in emissions in an area which contributes so heavily.

The continuous improvement of Powerstar’s carbon footprint, with a 41% reduction overall since 2014, is a proud accomplishment for the company, and it is pleased to be able to provide market-leading solutions whilst continuing to reduce its environmental impact.


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