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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you updated with the latest activities, news and events.

1) The electric vehicle market overview

As a market leading company, Powerstar believes that it is important to constantly review the position of the market as a whole.

In this update on the EV market, Powerstar summarises the rising adoption of electric vehicles whilst acknowledging the factors that are suppressing demand and the possible strategies that could lead to a greater uptake of EVs.

Discover the status of the EV market here…






2) Cementing savings globally

Powerstar’s latest case study is further proof that the technology can make savings globally, with the beneficiaries of the patented technology on this occasion being the Cyprus based heavy industry company Vassiliko Cement Works.

The incoming unstable and fluctuating voltage was stabilised, cleansed and regulated with a Powerstar MAX solution. Analysis revealed that the customer received better than expected savings and resulted in another Powerstar MAX solution being ordered.

View the savings achieved here…




3) High energy users webinar

On 10 April, Powerstar Sales Manager, Russ Pemberton, delivered a webinar named ‘High Energy Users (HV): is your inefficient transformer wasting money?’.

The webinar explored some of the common causes of excessive energy costs and explains the efficiencies that can be gained from a super low loss amorphous transformer in addition to the reasons why a combined solution for HV and LV can be utilised for the best results possible.

View the webinar recording here…


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