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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you updated with the latest activities, news, and events.


1) The importance of the smart city

Cities across the globe are attempting to become smart cities as a way of boosting their reputation, opening up new opportunities and improving the lives of people within those cities.

In this Industry Insight, Powerstar has summarised what makes a city smart, explored the role of energy in smart cities and how the uptake of the smart city could help the worldwide decarbonisation effort.

Discover the smart city here…





2) A Step in the Right Direction: 4.1% Carbon emission reduction

Powerstar is pleased to announce a further reduction of 4.1% of its carbon emissions year-on-year from its Sheffield based head office and manufacturing facility.

This brings the total to a 41% reduction since 2014 and highlights the sustainable approach of the company as its innovative energy efficiency technologies are used internally to increase the sustainability and decrease the carbon footprint of the business.

Explore Powerstar’s carbon reduction here…






3) Insightful presentations at the Energyst Event

The Energyst EventLast week Powerstar attended the first ever Energyst Event in Birmingham at the National Motorcycle Museum. It was a gathering of influential leaders across the energy sector engaged in discussions surrounding the energy transition.

There were many insightful presentations across the event as speakers highlighted ways in which the potential of the energy transition can be realised and the possible effects of the regulatory changes that are likely to occur.


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