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In April 2018, our most recent Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution was successfully installed into NMB Minebea UK, a world leader in the design and manufacture of bearing technologies, where it will provide a multitude of benefits.

Throughout March and April, the 1MW/1MWh battery energy storage solution (BESS) was manufactured, fully tested, delivered, and installed to the customer’s bespoke specifications. As NMB Minebea’s processes rely on precision, speed, and reliability, a solution that was built from the ground up based on their needs was essential.

The company was suffering major disruption to its processes caused by energy-related failures such as blackouts and brownouts, which incurred significant cost implications to its production. In response to this, the bespoke Powerstar VIRTUE solution will provide NMB Minebea with full uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capabilities to prevent the aforementioned interruptions to production, reducing downtime, production waste and helping the company maintain its commitments to its own customers.

In addition, the solution’s integrated patented Powerstar voltage regulation technology will provide NMB Minebea with additional benefits such as reduced energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, assisting the company in its continued sustainability efforts.

Lee Hudson, Chief Operations Officer for Powerstar commented: “The Powerstar VIRTUE battery energy storage project for NMB Minebea is further testament to Powerstar’s ability to deliver bespoke, tailored solutions that provide the right solution for our clients.

“In the case of NMB Minebea, it was imperative the installation was carefully planned and executed due to limited on-site space, which was a significant challenge to overcome. I am exceptionally proud to be a part of this project that will provide NMB Minebea with the resilience necessary to continue to operate with precision and reliability for its customers, whilst simultaneously reducing the company’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

A short video of the installation at NMB Minebea’s headquarters in Lincoln can be viewed below:



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