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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you updated with the latest activities, news, and events.

1) The case for Powerstar as a Service

Following an article by Powerstar’s Chief Financial Officer, Robert Macklin, outlining the benefits of serviced funding solutions for energy saving projects, a representative business case has been published to further highlight and explain these benefits.

The example 5-year comparison business case displays the greater return on investment and de-risked nature of the investment alongside other benefits that a serviced funding solution provides.

View the business case here…



2) Uninterrupted Lincolnshire manufacturing

Earlier this year, the most recent Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution was successfully installed into NMB Minebea UK, a world leader in the design and manufacture of bearing technologies.

As NMB Minebea was experiencing major disruption to processes caused by energy-related failures, the solution of a Powerstar VIRTUE with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities has resulted in a significant reduction in downtime among other benefits. Powerstar has created a short video showcasing the project.

Watch the video charting the course of the installation here…


3) Powerstar discusses VIRTUE EV with the British Parking Association (BPA)

Last week, Powerstar was honoured to deliver a presentation at a British Parking Association (BPA) event last week.

Powerstar Group Marketing Manager, Lindsay Brownless, introduced the VIRTUE EV solution to those in attendance as an off-grid solution that can solve traditional concerns surrounding electric vehicles such as charging infrastructure due to its ability to use stored energy to charge electric vehicles.

Learn more about VIRTUE EV here…


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