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The latest in a growing collection of international energy saving case studies focuses on the Netherlands based company, Hans Geveling BV, and the franchised supermarket chain that it operates, Albert Heijn.

Hans Geveling BV currently operates 12 franchised Albert Heijn supermarkets and has strong company values underpinned by the core values of being better than average, being involved with their environment, and the Hans Geveling Foundation. The Hans Geveling Foundation is a collaboration with Oxfam-Novib in which the two organisations work to develop small-scale agricultural projects in Africa.

Due to its interest of being involved with the environment, Hans Geveling BV is constantly assessing ways in which it can improve and refine its energy management processes. With this in mind, voltage optimisation was identified as a proven technology that could deliver the results required, and Powerstar was selected due to its market-leading reputation, engineering expertise, and matching sustainability focused ethos.

Powerstar’s approved partner in the region, Powerstar Benelux, needed to ensure that the installation was carried out in a non-intrusive way due to the stores being open to customers seven days a week. Not negatively impacting customer experience was a critical factor in the company’s requirements.

Following a thorough site survey, it was revealed that the Druten and Montfoort stores would benefit significantly from the implementation of voltage optimisation technology, therefore, Powerstar Benelux recommended the installation of Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation systems to optimise the stable but high voltages detected in these stores.

As a result of the installations, the client has experienced an average electricity consumption saving across both stores of 8.25%, which has had a significant positive impact on the company’s electricity bills, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

A Hans Geveling BV spokesperson commented that ” After thorough investigation, and in close co-operation with our IPMVP company, the anticipated savings convinced us to install the first Powerstar units. The results of the first installations were so convincing, that we chose to install a Powerstar unit in our newly built supermarket.”

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