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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest activities, news, and events.

1) Introducing Powerstar SO-LO

Last week Powerstar introduced a new product to its portfolio with the launch of the Powerstar SO-LO. Powerstar SO-LO is a super low loss amorphous core transformer which could reduce core losses by up to 75% when compared to traditional CRGO transformers. Powerstar SO-LO also has remote monitoring to allow 24/7 visibility of the performance of your transformer

It is currently the only amorphous core transformer designed and manufactured in the UK and it meets and surpasses the 2021 eco design specifications today.

Discover Powerstar SO-LO here…



2) Simplifying Storage: Demand Side Response

Energy Storage is a great way of providing Demand Side Response

Last week Powerstar continued the Storage Simplified series by summarising the industry term of Demand Side Response (DSR).

DSR is becoming an increasingly necessary tool used by the system operator to balance the grid. This is due to the continual advancement and uptake of technology across commercial and industrial businesses which is increasing energy consumption in addition to the integration of intermittent sources providing greater challenges for balancing supply and demand.

Learn about DSR here…



3) Decentralised network seminar

On 06 June, Powerstar delivered its latest seminar, this time focusing on the transition to a decentralised network, in Central London.

The audience enjoyed presentations from a number of speakers including, Erik Nygard of Limejump, Roberto Castiglioni of Ingenious Infrastructure and Powerstar CEO Dr. Alex Mardapittas as they discussed the future of the energy network and energy storage’s role within it from three different perspectives.


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