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Recently there has been growing conversation surrounding energy storage solutions. This is driven by the increasing energy consumption and electricity costs which have arisen from factors such as a rise in advanced technology used by businesses such as those outlined in Industry 4.0, coupled with the pressure of customer expectations to deliver products and services more often and on-demand. In this landscape, technology is expected to provide an ‘always on’ solution where a delay or interruption to the desired product or service can have huge cost ramifications not to mention the negativity surrounding reputation and the potential to not deliver on the company and Governmental sustainability objectives.

Energy storage has been hailed as a solution to these problems as it can reduce energy consumption and circumvent peak electricity costs which increase both the sustainability and financial position of a business. In addition to this, solutions such as Powerstar VIRTUE offer full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities which offers site-wide support to the load within milliseconds in the event of an energy-related failure to maintain the security of supply and therefore the operations of a company and preserve the reputation of a business.

The Behind-the-Meter market-leading success of Powerstar VIRTUE witnessed in the UK has enabled Powerstar to produce a diverse collection of case studies which highlight the multitude of benefits that its bespoke energy storage solution provides and its wide range of applications.

In a traditional industrial setting such as manufacturing, Powerstar VIRTUE has enabled manufacturers to remove disruption to operations that occur during energy failures such as blackouts and brownouts due to the UPS capabilities of the solution. The likes of which have been stated to cost businesses up to 17 per cent according to the Centrica resilience report.

However, the benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE are not restricted solely to an industrial environment. This is perhaps best displayed in the case study on rural holiday accommodation. The owners of this site primarily wanted to maximise its on-site renewable generation to provide cost savings and reduce its impact on the environment. The intelligence and connectivity offered by Powerstar VIRTUE allowed this to become a possibility as energy which is generated during good weather periods can then be stored and used during times when renewable energy would otherwise not be an option, therefore adding to the amount of renewable energy which is in the system.

The Powerstar VIRTUE case studies, featuring a supermarket, a local authority, and a telecommunications company can be viewed in the resource centre below.


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