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Introducing Powerstar SO-LO TM

Following the recent growth of our group, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed Powerstar SO-LO into our product range. It is a range of UK manufactured super low loss amorphous core transformers with smart remote monitoring functionality.

The super low loss amorphous core present in Powerstar SO-LO transformers deliver great efficiencies and reduce the amount of load and no-load losses which equates to savings on operating costs and reductions in CO2 emissions. We’ve also developed remote monitoring capabilities which provide 24/7 visibility of your assets to help you better understand how your transformers are performing, including where efficiencies can be made to obtain the best return on investment, as well as reducing maintenance costs by being able to continuously monitor key aspects of the transformer’s performance.

Powerstar SO-LO’s remote monitoring capabilities are developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, which is defined by Mckinsey and Company as the next phase in the digitalisation of the manufacturing sector, and so provides comprehensive data and intelligence to deliver useful grid information, conditional performance data, and energy efficiency reports.

Whilst we will be hosting an official launch event in September (which you can pre-register for by clicking here) to provide you with a complete understanding of the solution’s capabilities, benefits and USP’s, we have created a few pages to introduce you to the solution in the meantime, which you can view by using the buttons below.

Coming soon…

At the Powerstar SO-LO launch event, we will be unveiling a full product brochure. The newly developed brochure will include a summary of the difference between conventional CRGO transformers and amorphous core transformers, in addition to highlighting the amorphous advantage and outlining the vast array of fittings and applications available that make the Powerstar SO-LO amorphous core transformer range a truly bespoke solution for your HV infrastructure. It also introduces the features and benefits of remote monitoring at a time when Industry 4.0 is gaining traction.


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