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As a company that is a proud part of its local region, Powerstar believes it is important to support its community as much as it can, which is evidenced through its continued involvement with apprentices and its Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, which are a three-way working relationship between a graduate, a company and a university, with one such student’s academic institution being Sheffield Hallam University, which allows graduates to develop their skills in a commercial environment and therefore allows graduates to use their knowledge and expertise to provide value in the community.

Powerstar also holds a core value of investing in its people and promotes continuous development and training to allow them to staff to achieve their potential and support maximum opportunities throughout their careers.

Another way in which Powerstar utilises its position as a leading business to provide value to the community is through supporting work experience opportunities. Powerstar takes great pride in welcoming students to undertake work experience at its manufacturing facilities to gain vital knowledge and understanding of the workplace as part of their academic studies. Earlier this month, Powerstar welcomed two work experience students to its premises for two weeks. The students were both year 10 students of Yewlands Academy, an inclusive and welcoming secondary school which aims to be outstanding in all areas and promotes the values of 5 Star learning.

The two students, Richard and Sam, had different visions for their time at Powerstar. Richard’s interests were in engineering, leading to him being fascinated with the process of manufacturing the patented voltage optimisation systems. Whilst Sam’s interests were mainly within IT systems and he developed on this interest by spending time with the Powerstar software development team as they worked on the remote monitoring aspect of Powerstar’s products which allows users to view the profile of their energy asset from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Sam learns about remote monitoring on work experience

Powerstar was delighted to host both of the students, particularly as last year’s work experience student William has now returned to the company to begin his career in electrical engineering as an apprentice technician.

Powerstar is pleased that both students displayed a fascination about the company and a solid commitment and work ethic to the experience as a whole which was fantastic to see. All at Powerstar are in agreement that both Richard and Sam were a delight to be around and their presence around the company was most welcome. Powerstar would like to wish both Richard and Sam the best of luck for the future.


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