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With the increasing need for energy storage to maintain a reliable energy supply as the inherently variable sources of renewable energy take a greater share of the mix[1], it is important to explore new ways of conveying not only the benefits of battery-based energy storage technology but also the physical makeup of solutions to businesses.

To this end, Powerstar has produced a 3D model of a prototype 1MW Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution. Due to the fact that Powerstar’s solutions are built bespoke to best suit the requirements of each client, the model is a representative guide of a Powerstar VIRTUE rather than an exact replica.

The model is a way of displaying the intricacies and components of Powerstar VIRTUE visually as a way to complement the literature which explains Powerstar VIRTUE’s benefits in detail. The model displays the appearance and the internal components of the energy storage solution, including the batteries, transformers and safety features such as the fire suppression system.

About Powerstar VIRTUE

Powerstar VIRTUE is a market leader for behind-the-meter battery-based energy storage solutions in the UK.

This is, in part, due to the values that Powerstar upholds which includes continued innovation to constantly develop and improve the Powerstar portfolio of products and services to meet customer needs.

More than just a traditional energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE can provide operational benefits in addition to the traditional cost-saving benefits and revenue opportunities that energy storage systems provide. These operational benefits are best exemplified through the integration of Powerstar’s patented voltage regulation technology with Powerstar VIRTUE to achieve further energy optimisations as well as its full, seamless Powerstar VIRTUE model Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities.

As the latest Storage Simplified blog explained, UPS capabilities are vital in the current energy landscape as more variable energy sources are on the network and could potentially lead to a decline in its reliability. The seamless response which Powerstar VIRTUE can provide is essential to companies with critical processes, as the seamless UPS capabilities can provide support to the load within 9 milliseconds of an energy-related failure such as a blackout or brownout. This means that the site wouldn’t experience any loss of power as its load would be fully supported by the energy storage solution.

A smart approach to energy

Due to the heightened pressure for companies to become increasingly digitalised as a consequence of Industry 4.0, Powerstar VIRTUE can also be connected to the in-house developed remote monitoring platform which, in addition to providing visiblity of performance and operations, has the ability to connect with other energy assets such as distribution transformers, to enable energy managers to develop a holistic energy management approach.

The model will be able to view at the launch of Powerstar’s latest innovation, the super low loss amorphous smart transformer, Powerstar SO-LO, on Wednesday, 19 September 2018. Book your place at the event by clicking on the button below.



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