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Welcome to the roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest activities, news, and events.

1) Future-proof your business with STaaS®

At a time when the benefits of energy storage become more well-known alongside the heightened focus on sustainability, it is critical that energy storage is delivered as a future-proof solution and not a one-off investment.

In his latest article, Powerstar’s Chief Financial Officer, Robert Macklin, explained how this can be achieved through the Storage as a Service (STaaS®) flexible funding option, which enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE without upfront costs.

Read Robert’s article here…


2) The model solution

Powerstar VIRTUE model Due to the continued and rapid pace of growth in the energy storage market, many people are becoming increasingly aware of energy storage and it is increasingly important for businesses to envisage the physical make-up of energy storage solutions as they decide on whether to implement them.

To increase understanding of energy storage, Powerstar commissioned an accurate 3D model of its innovative energy storage solution to help clients better understand the components and benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE.

Learn more about the model here…

3) Interrupted leisure

Theme park energy failures (roundup) The financial, operational, and reputational damages that can be caused by energy-related failures were felt in the leisure industry earlier this summer as two theme parks, Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park, were affected by energy failures.

Leaving guests stranded atop halted roller coasters and causing hours of lost service, these issues could have been minimised by the implementation of comprehensive energy resilience strategies which incorporate energy storage technology with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities.

Discover how increasing energy resilience can minimise these issues here…


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