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As a leading smart energy solutions provider, Powerstar aims to provide customers with high quality information to aid their decision making process. This manifests itself through our engineering and customer focussed core and drive to develop innovative smart energy solutions which respond to customer needs while also ensuring there is an awareness of developments throughout the industry, as exemplified by our regular Industry Insights.

To provide greater understanding to our valued clients, we also aim to regularly update our literature to ensure our customers are always presented with the most up to date information on our solutions and the wider industry. To that end, we have recently updated our brochure for Powerstar VIRTUE, the complete energy storage solution for behind-the-meter applications.

The brochure outlines the many benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE and how it can be an integral part of the journey towards carbon neutrality for commercial and industrial organisations. Powerstar VIRTUE has full seamless Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities for supply resilience and can be integrated with existing energy efficiency assets, such as solar (PV), CHP, wind, biomass and voltage regulation to provide enhanced benefits including reduced energy consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions.

In addition to the above, the updated brochure highlights how VIRTUE:

  • Enables the smart use of energy in a combined, future-proof solution
  • Is a bespoke solution designed to the specific requirements of a site
  • Enables customers to achieve the benefits they require
  • Can integrate with existing assets to maximise carbon neutrality efforts
  • Has full UPS capabilities for the connected load
  • Makes savings and generates revenue to complement business operations
  • Offers a full concept to completion service that utilises the experience and expertise of the Powerstar workforce
  • Secures business operations with enhanced energy resilience
  • Can be acquired with zero capital outlay through flexible finance options

To discover how Powerstar VIRTUE can deliver the above and explore the variety of benefits that it offers, download and read the brochure by clicking on the below button.


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