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The pressure to cut costs and reduce emissions whilst preserving efficient business operations continues to grow, particularly within intensely competitive industries such as retail. This is leading organisations throughout the UK to explore their options for smart energy solutions which deliver multiple benefits and help overcome new challenges posed by the energy transition.Supermakret savings

Proving the case for energy storage in retail

As well as a stress on sustainability, the smart use of energy is integral for businesses looking to ensure their operations run as efficiently as possible, especially during such volatile energy markets. Energy storage can provide numerous benefits to help achieve this goal, including savings on electricity bills, potential new revenue streams, and energy resilience through protection against power failures to ensure the business maintains its extended operating hours, customer satisfaction, and continuous processes.

Furthermore, as a consumer focused industry, brands that lead the charge on corporate social responsibility are awarded praise and attention from the media and general public, increasing brand awareness. This is evident in the recent study that attempted to find the UK’s ‘greenest’ supermarket. Similarly, big players within the industry are criticised for not doing enough in their efforts towards sustainability and are often marred with negative press and backlash from the public across social media. Because of this, many retail companies are seeking solutions that will enable them to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions, whilst also delivering energy cost savings to allow for more attractive price points over their competitors.

As a leading-edge manufacturer, we are delighted to share the real-life benefits obtained by a recent project for a retail distribution centre, which included the installation of our innovative Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution to provide energy cost savings through peak shaving and provide energy resilience to prevent energy-related failures from disrupting operations.

The client is a major supermarket chain with multiple stores and distribution centres across the UK. The company actively and continuously explores ways that it can improve its sustainability from farm to shelf, and actively looks at new technologies available which can help contribute towards its goals.

You can read the full retail case study by clicking here or on the button below. Alternatively, contact us to talk to one of our experts about how energy storage could help your business.


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