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Following the acquisition of Bromsgrove Winding Services Ltd (BWS) in 2017, we have integrated the businesses allowing us to expand our product range and associated services, therefore enabling us to offer a wide range of distribution transformers under the Powerstar brand of smart energy solutions, underpinned with over 20 years’ experience. Bromsgrove TX

The combined knowledge and experience of the company’s enabled us to develop and launch our latest innovation, Powerstar SO-LO. It is a super low loss amorphous core smart transformer that provides an efficient 11,000KV/415V distribution transformer with integrated remote monitoring capabilities enabling businesses to gain insights into the condition and performance of their critical HV infrastructure from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Bromsgrove manufacturing facility continues to operate and due to its extensive history of delivering efficient and reliable distribution transformers to a variety of business in the UK and abroad, we are proud to announce that we have developed a dedicated transformer showcase website –

The Powerstar transformers (PowerstarTX) website provides information on our full range of transformer products, including the bespoke range for specialist applications, cast resin transformers and liquid cooled transformers, in addition to a range of services, such as maintenance and annual inspections.

The range of distribution transformers manufactured at our Bromsgrove facility includes super low loss amorphous core, step up and step down, load bank reactors, cast resin, network rail transformers and mining transformers. The comprehensive range of transformer services we can provide includes repair, refurbishment and rewind service, HV/LV maintenance, annual inspection service, and more to ensure your HV infrastructure is operating as efficiently as possible.

The full Powerstar range of transformers is available to view now on


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