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Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.

1) Increased investment in energy storage

Investment in energy storage A recent survey found that UK business investment is growing, with a third of the UK-based businesses surveyed having installed battery storage.

In our latest Industry Insight, we summarised the main benefits of energy storage alongside its business case and how it can help organisations achieve their carbon neutrality aims.

Read the Insight here…





2) The case for retail

Supermarket savingsWith increasing energy costs combined with the rising pressure to implement strict sustainability practices, many retail organisations are looking for ways to save energy and minimise their carbon footprint.

Energy storage represents an effective way of achieving these goals and can be seen clearly in our latest energy storage case study.

The case study showcases the energy savings achieved by a major supermarket chain following the installation of a Powerstar VIRTUE.

View the savings achieved here…



3) Dedicated to transformers

Powerstar TX Following the acquisition of Bromsgrove Winding Services Ltd, we have expanded our product portfolio to include a wide range of distribution transformers.

Due to this, we have developed a dedicated transformer showcase website which displays the wide range of transformer products and services we can offer.

Discover PowerstarTX here…



4) Transform your view of HV infrastructure

In our efforts to simplify the often complex language and solutions in the energy industry, we hope to help end-users make the smartest and best-informed decision possible.

This is why earlier this week we produced an article explaining the differences between tapping down HV distribution transformers to reduce the voltage for a site and the combined solution of Powerstar HV MAX.

Learn about Powerstar HV MAX here…


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