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With sustainability pressures mounting due to the increasing necessity for nations across the world to act Renewable firmingquickly and definitively to prevent dangerous levels of climate change, consumers are favouring businesses that operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Whilst this has been a key consideration for manufacturing and retail industries, recently this is starting to resonate with consumers across everything they do, including companies they interact with in the leisure industry.

This means that, in order to remain competitive in the leisure sector, businesses are also expected to showcase their sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This is highlighted by the fact that 33% of international consumers now claim that they choose to buy from brands that they believe are “doing environmental good”[1].

A sustainable strategy

One effective method towards a company becoming environmentally friendly and presenting themselves as sustainability champions and leaders in the eyes of consumers is to reduce its carbon emissions. Through focusing on sustainability, companies can enjoy benefits such as overall energy consumption reductions through integrated voltage regulation and, when done through leading-edge energy storage solutions such as Powerstar VIRTUE, can also benefit from new revenue opportunities, cost savings, and increased energy resilience.

In addition, in a world where renewable generation such as solar PV and wind is becoming more affordable and widespread, energy storage can provide the stability necessary to make such generation work reliably in the long term. As intermittent sources dictated by the strength of the wind or the clouds in the sky, getting the most out of such assets can be difficult, especially during darker winter months, but by storing the energy generated from on-site renewables and utilising it at a more effective time, renewable generation can be optimised to ensure green energy is maximised and available on-demand, whilst minimising reliance on the grid.

Energy storage is an especially valuable solution in the leisure industry as it can also protect from the effects of energy failures, experienced in the leisure industry earlier this year, which can be damaging to a company’s reputation in any industry, but especially detrimental for a sector where companies rely upon exceptional customer service to differentiate themselves from competitors. The ability of energy storage to combat this is due to the energy resilience that energy storage solutions with full Uninterruptible Power Supply capabilities can provide, as they can connect to the load rapidly in the event of an energy-related failure.

Proving the case

Due to the multitude of benefits which energy storage offers, an owner of holiday accommodation cottages in the Norfolk countryside installed a Powerstar VIRTUE last year. The focus of the installation was to maximise the use of the large renewable capacity of the site to reduce the reliance and cost of energy imported from the grid so they could invest into enhancing the guest experience whilst simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment by utilising green energy.

The installation of Powerstar VIRTUE enabled the client to firm its renewable generation and ensure the batteries supported demand during times of low on-site generation, and minimised wasted energy when generation was high, providing a reduction in energy costs as less energy was being taken from the grid. Further efficiencies were also achieved due to the additional cost-saving benefits of Powerstar VIRTUE, such as integrated voltage regulation technology.

You can read the full case study by clicking here or on the button below. Alternatively, contact us to talk to one of our experts about how energy storage could help your business.

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