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As electricity costs continue to rise and the energy transition brings new challenges for the network and businesses alike, an increasing number of customers are reaching out to better understand what options are available to them to assist in reducing their consumption and costs whilst increasing resilience. For this reason, Powerstar has created a portfolio which outlines its range of smart energy solutions and their applications, as well as the anticipated average payback period of each solution.sadasda d as

Powerstar portfolioThe portfolio contains all of the smart energy solutions that Powerstar offers and that can be found across the and websites. These solutions can provide a myriad of benefits such as reduced energy consumption and costs, increased energy resilience, maximising of renewable assets, industry 4.0 ready capabilities, and much more.

The Portfolio explores:

Voltage optimisation – a range of solutions that regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied to the optimum level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances. This includes fixed voltage optimisation, which reduces the incoming voltage profile by a set amount, and variable voltage optimisation, which both stabilises and reduces the incoming voltage. The most suitable technology depends on the site’s requirements. Additionally, there is a combined solution of a super low loss amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated variable voltage optimisation. Voltage optimisation is a proven and reliable way of reducing energy costs and consumption, which is critical in the current climate as businesses face electricity price rises of up to 40%. Powerstar’s range of voltage optimisation solutions include LITE , MAX, and HV MAX.

Energy storage – A rapidly growing market due to the variety of benefits that it can offer including the maximising of renewable assets to achieve carbon neutral goals, reduction in energy costs, and perhaps most importantly, energy resilience. Powerstar’s energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE increases the resilience capabilities of energy storage by offering next generation site-wide full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities that allow for a seamless response, less than one millisecond, to an energy failure in addition to providing greater efficiencies and security than traditional UPS systems.

Electric vehicle charging – With the road to zero strategy aiming to make electric vehicles the norm, a charging infrastructure needs to be put in place to facilitate this whilst also avoiding placing further strain on the National Grid. The utilisation of energy storage to charge electric vehicles, as present in the rapid charger and energy storage solution VIRTUE EV, enables this to become a reality and allow businesses to charge their electric vehicle fleet without increasing its supply. Additionally, Powerstar provides charging systems independent of its energy storage technology.

Smart distribution transformers – Despite being critical infrastructure, distribution transformers have been left disconnected and offline as technology has evolved at a rapid pace, leaving many transformers subject to seemingly antiquated procedures when compared to modernised assets. However, this has changed recently with the advent of smart transformers with remote monitoring capabilities that enable distribution transformers to be ready for industry 4.0. Powerstar’s smart transformer, Powerstar SO-LO, also provides greater efficiencies than traditional cold-rolled grain-oriented transformers due to its usage of a flexible amorphous alloy core.

Bespoke transformers – As experienced manufacturers, Powerstar has the ability to design, build and supply transformers to a required specification. This includes transformers for hazardous environments and purpose-built to size or power.

To discover which solution is best suited to your organisation, download and read the Powerstar Product Portfolio by clicking on the below button.

Discover how Powerstar solutions integrate into a smart grid

28 February 2019


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