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Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.

1) London calling

LondonWe have moved into our new office in London!

Situated in a picturesque location on the South Bank, we are looking forward to welcoming our London based clients to our latest home and furthering our presence in the nation’s capital.

Find your nearest Powerstar location here…






2) A major transition

Energy transitionIn our latest Industry Insight we take a look at the approach to the energy transition that is being taken by the Oil & Gas majors.

The transition requires these companies to diversify away from their traditional strengths, and it is a challenge that the majors are meeting head-on and are backing up through significant investment.

Learn about the approach here…




3) Webinar on demand: offsetting rising energy costs

Webinar on demandOur latest webinar featured Powerstar Business Development Manager, Ricky Higgins, explaining how smart energy solutions can assist companies in offsetting rising energy prices whilst delivering key insights into energy usage and reducing carbon emissions.

Watch on demand now…


18 April 2019


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