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Powerstar’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its offering in line with customer expectations has Maximum Insights with Powerstar MAXled to an upgrade to its Powerstar MAX variable voltage optimisation solution. The upgrade provides customers with increased visibility of their energy use and asset performance through an online remote monitoring platform. Effective as of April 08th, 2019, Powerstar MAX now offers enhanced reporting and monitoring functionality which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and can be connected with other devices, in line with the advancement of Industry 4.0.

Powerstar MAX is a variable or ‘electronic-dynamic’ range of voltage optimisation solutions designed to benefit those that experience high levels of incoming voltage and suffer from a fluctuating voltage profile.

Powerstar MAX solutions work by closely matching the incoming voltage supply to the operational requirements of the onsite electrical equipment, and maintains it at a consistent level through electronic controls in the system which automatically adjust to create a stable profile. This provides savings to the site’s electrical consumption and costs, as well as reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Maximising Visibility with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The new functionality of Powerstar MAX provides a more connected, online remote monitoring platform and retires the previous Human Machine Interface (HMI) traditionally found on the front of the system. The new monitoring capabilities deliver a heightened service and experience for Powerstar’s customers, providing in-depth reporting and insights into the performance of the Powerstar MAX solution whilst enabling Powerstar to remotely perform software updates in a less intrusive manner than the previous site visit.

A key benefit of the product’s update is that customers can engage with their energy saving solution at length in real-time, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of energy usage and identification of future optimisations thorough data on trends, energy consumption savings, electricity profiles and cost savings which can be analysed in greater detail, allowing for informed decisions on energy usage and maintenance activities.

With quality at its core, Powerstar has developed its platform to be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, through the secure, password protected platform. Users will also benefit from access to continuous remote support from Powerstar’s dedicated team.

The increased visibility and enhanced functionality that the newly developed solutions brings to customers is summarised in a brief single-page document, available to view and download by clicking here.

Learn more about the enhanced capabilities of Powerstar MAX, and how they can help your site, by contacting us on 01142 576 200 or by emailing

1st May 2019


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