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As part of the continuous improvement of our smart energy technologies, we have upgraded our variable voltage optimisation solution, Powerstar MAX. This upgrade replaces the HMI interface with an online remote monitoring platform which allows for the key performance characteristics of the asset to be analysed at any time and from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

We recognise that such an upgrade to a long-established product could potentially cause confusion which is why, in addition to the Powerstar MAX upgrade FAQ which answers the key questions on the upgrade, we have produced a video which serves as an introduction to the new remote monitoring platform and how to navigate it.

This video explains the variety of metrics that can be analysed from the remote monitoring platform that can help indicate the overall performance of the asset and help energy managers to identify which further optimisations can be made to improve the energy profile. The video covers topics such as trends, harmonics, alarms, faults and savings, in addition to giving a succinct user guide on how to navigate the platform.

If you enjoyed the video and found it a useful introduction to the platform, please give it a like and subscribe to Powerstar on YouTube, and if you want to find out more about Powerstar’s smart energy technologies and how they can help your business reduce energy consumption and costs, call us on 01142 050 700 or click the button below to contact an expert today.

Video timestamps

If you want to view or share a specific section of the Powerstar MAX remote monitoring platform introduction video, there are number of timestamps below highlighting the different topics covered:

00:11 – Welcome to the online remote monitoring platform

00:30 – Homepage

01:01 – Trends page demonstration

01:17 – Meter page demonstration

01:36 – Harmonics demonstration

01:53 – Alarms page demonstration

02:12 – Faults page demonstration

02:49 – Savings page demonstration

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3 July 2019


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