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The founding principles of Powerstar include continued investment in all colleagues because we understand Luke, Work experiencethat the strength of the company lies in the strength of our people. As an organisation proudly promoting a united way of thinking and working, we not only create long term careers for our employees, but are also successful in delivering a better experience for both our suppliers and customers.

Promoting the future of engineering excellence

As part of our on-going commitment to the investment in people, two work experience students joined the Sheffield team onsite in July to grow their knowledge of engineering.

Firstly, Luke, a local student of Yewlands Academy, worked alongside the manufacturing teams for two weeks learning about the engineering behind the award-winning Powerstar solutions. Currently studying for his GCSE’s, Luke would like to train to be a car mechanic once leaving school, and has found his time at Powerstar to be “challenging and technical but thoroughly enjoyable.”

A second student that worked with the Powerstar research and development team is the charming Natalie. Natalie is currently studying for her A-Levels across Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and she “absolutely loved her time with the team at Powerstar.”

Working closely with Dr Olivia Zeng in the state of the art innovation laboratory, Natalie has benefitted immensely from the wealth of engineering knowledge Olivia brings to Powerstar, particularly as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) nominee of 2019.

In her role as Power System Engineer, Olivia’s relentless enthusiasm and work ethic not only inspires the next generation of engineers like Natalie, but also inspires the company at large to further embody the innovation outlined in the Powerstar vision and values. At Powerstar, the company values promote the empowerment of every member of the business.

Natalie was tasked with building a real-time simulation model with Typhoon software for a 3-phase system consisting of a voltage source, fixed resistors and variable resistors. This task resulted in key learnings for Natalie such as building a visual and reliable user interface, and hands-on experience with leading-edge technology such as the Typhoon software.Natalie, work experience

At all levels of the business, there is great pride in challenging and developing colleagues as collaborators. Every year new heights are achieved as a growing organisation, a direct result of the careful nurturing by the board of directors to promote an open and supportive working environment.

Promoting the future of engineering excellence

Powerstar has been working with local schools, colleges and universities for a number of years to provide comprehensive work experience opportunities in line with student learning requirements. Be it engineering or IT based technical support, we have welcomed an array of students through our doors in Sheffield and Bromsgrove and these aspirants have later gone on to become highly valued members of the Powerstar Team.

Powerstar’s Chief Operating Officer, Lee Hudson, expressed his delight with both Luke and Natalie during their work experience at Powerstar, stating; “Luke and Natalie are a pleasure to work with and I wish them both the best of luck for their upcoming GCSE’s and A Levels.

“As a company that values the future of engineering, the more opportunities we get to engage with the next generation of the workforce the better. Whilst it affords students an invaluable opportunity to experience a professional workplace, it also provides an opportunity for us to learn new things from these bright individuals.”

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31 July 2019


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