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Powerstar Round-Up Issue 69

Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.


1) Powerstar exhibits energy savings

Design Museum

Our leading-edge energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE, has fittingly been installed in the Design Museum in London.

The museum showcases the heigh of innovative design and will benefit from the similarly innovative Powerstar VIRTUE as it will enable the museum to use stored energy at peak times and reduce its energy costs.

Learn more about the installation here…


2) A neat package of energy savings

Packaging energy savings case study

The latest Powerstar case study focuses on a global leader in the packaging industry that has operations in over 40 countries and 250 sites worldwide.

Following analysis of the site, Powerstar recommended that the company install a HV MAX solution in order to improve its High Voltage (HV) infrastructure.

View the case study here…

3) The amorphous advantage

SO-LO transformer video

To mark the one year anniversary of the launch of Powerstar SO-LO, we have created a video explaining the benefits of the super low-loss amorphous core transformer.

This video serves as a reminder of how SO-LO can revolutionise HV infrastructures through its increased efficiency and Industry 4.0 ready capabilities.

Watch the video here…


20 September 2019


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