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The Perfect Energy Savings Package HV MAX Case Study

With thousands of installations around the world, Powerstar has achieved energy savings for a wide variety of Packaging energy savings case studyorganisations across a range of sectors. The latest case study covers a global leader in the packaging industry that has operations in over 40 countries and 250 sites worldwide. Due to the size and scope of the company, it is exceptionally conscious of its sustainability credentials and produces an annual sustainability report to showcase its commitment.

The company has highly energy intensive production processes due to the nature of its business and realised that its ageing high voltage infrastructure was an area where energy efficiency improvements could be made. Powerstar’s solutions are a reliable method of producing savings for manufacturers having done so numerous times in the past and its combined distribution transformer and variable voltage optimisation solution, in particular, is effective due to such sites owning and operating their HV infrastructure.

As a result of a site evaluation, Powerstar recommended replacing the three ageing cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel transformers with the amorphous alloy core Powerstar HV MAX solution which is a highly efficient material due to the quicker rate of magnetisation and demagnetisation. As transformers age they inevitably suffer losses which can only be corrected by upgrading with an efficient replacement, such as an amorphous alloy core.

HV MAX combines a super low-loss amorphous core transformer with patented variable voltage optimisation technology to provide significant savings to both the incoming high voltage and low voltage supply. Additionally, the variable voltage optimisation technology regulates the incoming voltage and maintains it at a constant level to provide further reductions to costs, consumption, and carbon emissions.

Following analysis after the installation, it was revealed that the solution led to a significant reduction in electricity consumption and is producing an annual reduction in carbon emissions of around 400 tonnes providing significant savings on electricity costs and further bolstered the sustainability credentials of the company.

To view the full case study and see the savings achieved, click here.

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View the full case study here

19 September 2019


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