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Achieving a Clean Energy Future by Maximising Renewable Energy: Webinar on Demand

Clean energy futureOn Wednesday, 6th November, 2019, Powerstar Business Development Manager, Ricky Higgins, delivered an informative webinar on maximising renewable energy generation through smart energy solutions.

Businesses of all descriptions are expected to update their operations to be more considerate towards the environment and the long-term sustainability objectives of the planet, and many UK businesses are already stepping up to the task, with renewable share of electricity generation increasing to 35.8% of the mix in Q1 2019. In this webinar Ricky explores how to get the most out of renewable energy through the implementation of smart energy technologies.

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Why watch the recording?

This webinar enables viewers to:

  • Explore the challenges associated with the rapid increase in renewable energy and how it affects businesses of all sizes
  • Discover how to maximise renewable generation for your business, reducing energy costs and boosting green credentials
  • Learn about the smart energy technologies available to integrate with renewable generation assets for a future-proof solution
  • Explore real life applications of maximising renewable generation and the benefits available
  • Discover the cost and environmental benefits behind implementing smart energy strategies, and how these technologies can be implemented without financial risk

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06 November 2019


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