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Addressing Energy Costs at Zara Solihull: Retail Case Study

Zara Voltage Optimisation Case StudyThe latest Powerstar voltage optimisation case study, showcasing the benefits achievable in the retail sector, is for Zara, a popular and renowned international fashion company.

Part of one of the world’s largest distribution groups, Inditex, Zara began with the opening of their first store in A Coruña, a Spanish coastal city, in 1975. Over the years, Zara has remained faithful to its core values, focusing on excelling in beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability. Currently, Zara is selling in 202 markets through its online platform, and has over 7,486 stores in 96 markets, with 63 stores across the UK.

As a retailer, Zara operates a wide variety of electrical equipment, including checkouts, lighting, and temperature controls over extended operating hours. Due to this, the stores experience high electricity consumption and costs. This problem was particularly prevalent at the Zara store in Solihull, and they approached Powerstar as a leader in smart energy technology to recommend a solution to reduce this store’s electricity consumption and costs, to test it’s viability for a potential rollout across multiple stores in the future.

Powerstar’s Solution

To assist Zara in its unwavering focus on sustainability, the Powerstar team carried out a site evaluation and found the site had an excessively high, yet stable, supply voltage which was inflating the site’s electricity bills. The team therefore recommended the installation of a Powerstar LITE system, a fixed voltage optimisation solution to reduce the supply voltage by a fixed amount across a pre-defined tap range.

Following the Powerstar LITE installation, Zara Solihull is benefitting from an annual reduction in electrical consumption of 19.5%, resulting in a 36.52 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions per year. With such a high consumption saving achieved, the payback period for Zara Solihull’s solution is only 12 months.

The installation also means the electrical equipment on site is operating closer to its intended design characteristics, improving longevity of the equipment and reducing the need to replace equipment due to premature burnout.

To view and download the full Zara Solihull case study PDF, click here.

Serving Savings Worldwide

Powerstar continues to help thousands of businesses, across various industries, achieve their energy objectives and benefit from significant savings to electricity consumption and costs, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

With its expertise in smart energy solutions, and commitment to research and development, Powerstar also provides customers with innovative remote monitoring capabilities and integration with a range of leading technologies, including renewable generation technologies, and its energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE.

Powerstar can also deliver its bespoke solutions with tailored funding solutions to enable your business to get the best financial return, including with zero capital outlay to remain cash positive from day one.

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09 June 2020


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