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Powerstar Round-up 84

Welcome to the latest round-up. We have pulled together some of the biggest developments in the battery storage sector and the transition towards Net Zero into one, convenient list to help you keep up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.

 1) No more public contracts for businesses without net zero goals

A major policy shake-up will require suppliers bidding for major public contracts to demonstrate carbon reduction plans.


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2) lack of ev charging stations could limit ev growth

Electric vehicles will be key to the transition to net zero, but lack of infrastructure could hinder adoption.


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3) Global renewable energy industry grew 45% last year

The global renewable energy industry grew at its fastest rate since 1999 last year, with a 45% jump in new capacity.


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4) Ofgem to invest £300 million to drive electric car take-up

The UK’s energy regulator has approved plans to invest £300m in low carbon projects to support EV charging.


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5) One third of UK population represented by local authorities with Net-zero Commitments

As five more councils join a net-zero pledge, one third of the UK’s population is represented by councils aiming to reach net zero at least five years ahead of 2050.


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6) Biden looks to make US self-sufficient for lithium batteries

The Biden administration has turned it focus on reducing the US’s reliance on imported lithium-ion batteries as the technology continues to grow in importance.


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11 June 2021


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