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Powerstar Round-up 86

Welcome to the latest round-up. We have pulled together some of the biggest developments in energy resilience into one, convenient list to help you keep up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.

 1) Energy infrastructure included in £5 million climate resilience research fund

A four-year research programme will help to shape climate policy and protect Britain from the impact of climate change


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2) The role of virtual power plants in managing renewable energy intermittency

As the electric power generation industry accelerates, the share of intermittent renewable energy technology will require the grid to resolve questions of real-time supply and demand balancing


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3) Natural Resources Defence Council Lays out needs to balance resilience and decarbonisation

Balancing building resilience with decarbonisation is a key driver for a range of technologies that are able to support both



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4) Ministry of justice completes solar grid resilience project

The Ministry of Justice has completed a major solar installation as part of a long-term plan to decarbonise buildings and improve grid resilience


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5) Energy Uk publishes third Climate Change Adaption Report

The new report details measures in place to mitigate power resilience concerns caused by changing climate


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6) Smart technologies and data to future-proof UK energy

Smart technologies and big data could reduce the cost of managing the UK’s infrastructure by up to £10 billion per year



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13 August 2021


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