About Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers provide a step-down of high voltage electricity from the power station to end-user, by converting high voltage electricity to a lower voltage so it can be effectively utilised in commercial and industrial spaces.

An ageing or otherwise inefficient distribution transformer results in wasted energy and higher than necessary electricity bills due to increased load and no-load losses, not to mention an increased risk of failure which can result in complete disruption to a business’ operations and have significant ramifications.
The two main distinctions between types of distribution transformers are liquid cooled transformers and dry type air cooled transformers.

Liquid cooled transformers

As the name suggests liquid cooled distribution transformers are cooled by the liquid (usually oil) contained within the transformer. Liquid cooled transformers are filled with mineral or synthetic oil and are usually robust and have “K” factor ratings which allow them to cope with the rigors of harmonic disturbance experienced in solar, wind power, or drive systems. The robustness that they offer contributes to the long-life expectancy of the transformers.

Dry type air cooled transformers

Dry transformers contain modern insulation systems and material and can be designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and are widely used in data centres, environmentally sensitive areas, marine and offshore.

An amorphous difference

Our range of Powerstar SO-LO® distribution transformers provide a super low loss core alternative to conventional transformers which provide higher efficiencies and longevity. Powerstar SO-LO® is the only range of amorphous core transformers that are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The replacement of a traditional transformer with the super low loss amorphous core transformers that are in the Powerstar SO-LO® range could reduce core losses by up to 75%.

To find out more about our range of super low loss amorphous core transformers and understand how they can increase the efficiency of your HV infrastructure, contact us and discuss your needs with one of our specialists.

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