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All Powerstar Voltage Optimisation systems are now fitted with remote monitoring as standard


Powerstar are pleased to announce that all our Voltage Optimisation Systems are fitted with remote monitoring capability. The technology previously fitted as standard on all our variable voltage optimisation systems has now been added as a standard component of all new fixed-reduction systems as well.

Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Installation

This means that whichever voltage optimisation system you choose from Powerstar you will benefit from our remote monitoring functionality.

With the energy crisis and business energy costs firmly at the forefront of many businesses’ minds, being able to verify cost savings is increasingly important and is a key consideration for many of our customers. It is this reason we have decided to make remote monitoring standard across our full range of voltage optimisation products. Coupled with our savings guarantee and 15-year warranty, this provides our customers with peace of mind.

The addition of remote monitoring functionality to all of Powerstar’s patented VO systems, makes verifying savings from our systems even easier for even more businesses. While this could still be done previously without remote monitoring, remote monitoring makes it simpler, easier, and more accessible for customers to view the savings performance of their system in real-time, at any time.

Why is Remote monitoring important? And how does it work?

  • It gives the ability to easily verify savings. This is now even easier for customers who opt for our fixed voltage optimisation systems.
  • Savings tests (on/off) can be tailored remotely and performed instantly as part of the verification.
  • We have a dedicated remote service team in place for continuous remote support.
  • Remote monitoring gives us the ability to troubleshoot remotely, removing the need for the majority of site visits.
  • It gives us the ability to perform remote updates and software upgrades.
  • Any alarms are remotely recorded and stored, giving historic insights into asset performance.

What are the benefits of Voltage Optimisation for a business?

Reduce Energy Bills – The biggest benefit and the biggest consideration for most businesses right now are the energy savings they can achieve from voltage optimisation. VO can save your organisation money because you will waste less energy and using less energy means lower electricity bills. A typical business could save thousands of pounds every year.

Reduce Carbon Emissions – Help boost your green credentials and help move your business towards hitting your net-zero targets.

Reduce Electrical Maintenance – By supplying your electrical equipment with the correct voltage you can reduce equipment wear and tear to lower your maintenance costs and replace equipment less often.

Energy Savings Calculator

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The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

Are you worried about the ever-rising cost of electricity for your business? Find out how much money you could save by completing our 2-minute Energy Saving Calculator.

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